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 Conference & Exhibition Management

– Prior coordination to hold the conference, determining the time and place, and manage the course of the conference program and the costs.
– Ticketing, hotel reservations, and transportations all over the world, including pickup and drop-offs.
– Full program catering.
– Supplying the conference with all audio and video services, interpretation and communication, printing and advertising in newspapers and websites.

• Audio and Video Equipment
– Processing special conferences and video conferences.
– Providing photography and videos for events and conferences.
– Recording and documenting the conference.
– Supplying screens and projectors.

• Printing
– Print management›s and materials including badges/ abstract books posters/vouchers/ publications/ Banners/ Profiles/ Rollups/ Stationaries/ and all other printing materials.

• Special Equipment
– Tables and chairs/ partitions/ signs/ stages /offices / podiums / normal and royal tents / safety stands / and flags.

• IT Equipment
– PC.s and laptops / scanners / printers / photocopier / faxes / flash memories /wireless internet / paper shredder / CD and DVD duplicators.