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2018 Events


               مؤتمر افاق الاردن الاقتصادي العاشر


& AWARDS 2018

4rd International Tourism

& Heritage

Irbid Food Expo 2018


AFAQ GROUP Overseas for Advertising, Exhibitions and conferences started in 2001 with only one goal. To Improve The Services Fields. Since the beginning, we have been the leading company in the field of Advertising, Exhibitions and conferences not only locally, but internationally too! Our continuous research in the ongoing developing markets has committed us to share the community with a diversified methodology on how to reach our goals serving our clients.

Who AFAQ Represents

Professional Exhibition Organisers (PEOs)
Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs)
Meeting and Incentive Organisers
Suppliers of facilities and services to the

exhibition, convention and meeting industry

such as audio-visual and equipment suppliers,

freight forwarders, stand builders, venue operators,

travel agents, hotels, printers and publishers, etc

Our Mission

Set the direction for the growth and development of the

AFAQ industry.
Promote best practices and standards.
Enhance infrastructure and capabilities in

the AFAQ industry.

Our Vision

To be the leading AFAQ association toenhance Jordan position as

a premier

global hub for the industry.

المؤتمر الاقتصادي 2016

مؤتمر افاق الإقتصادي التاسع

مؤتمر آفاق الأردن الاقتصادي السابع

المؤتمر الاقتصادي الثامن 2016

معرض السياحة والتراث الدولي الثالث

مؤتمر آفاق الاردن الاقتصادي السادس

JFEX Awards 2016

JFEX Awards 2015

مؤتمرصحفي للصناعات الكيماوية

معرض السياحة والتراث الدولي الثالث

7th Forex Expo 2012

مؤتمر آفاق الإقتصادي الثامن